In an industry where failure is considered not an option, careful and detailed planning is a must to avoid surprises and costly errors. This is in particular the case when preparing for the Assembly, Test & Integration and operational phases of your spacecraft or subsystem. Errors and oversight can then easily lead to costly delays, damage or loss of equipment.

HQspace stands for providing High Quality engineering services for the space sector. With background and experience in space system engineering and operations engineering, HQspace can help space companies with the planning, reviewing and execution of AIT, operations and projects in general. Fueled by a strong desire to deliver detailed, complete and sustainable solution and products, HQspace will help you to get things done first time right.

HQspace offers service in the following areas:

  • Project Management Support
  • Space System Engineering
  • Space Operations Engineering
  • AIT planning and support
  • Proposal writing

Please have a look at our full overview of service areas.

Besides its engineering services HQspace can offer support to promote space and spaceflight with events and outreach and space modelling activities.